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Products our company specializes in are very specific. They are rarely seen separately. Most of metal structures are hidden inside reinforcement concrete constructions of various construction projects.

It is impossible to construct buildings without such components. We take pride in the fact that many large commercial and industrial facilities and residential estates in Russia are built with our help.

We are proud to say that large commercial, residential and industrial objects in Russia were constructed with our help.
Primary company missions:
Establishing contacts and provision of high quality services, thus benefiting the construction market and Russian economy development; Offering services on rebar processing and production of metalware.


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AST Group principles
To ensure company development and long-term mutually beneficial cooperation with out partners and clients, we adhere to the following principles:
We are constantly enhancing existing production technologies and develop new solutions to the tasks we face;
We offer own-produced products of high quality;
We are expanding our scope of activities in accordance with clients’ requirements and employees’ potential capacity;
We prove to be a reliable company that puts own liabilities to customers, partners and employees before all else.
What makes ‘AST’ group of companies special
Great facilities and skilled employees
Great facilities and high skills or our employees allow us to supply the construction market with a wide range of own-produced products of high quality. We have established fast production and offer reinforcement mesh in sheets (GOST 23279-85) and rolls (GOST 8478-81) and other products used for monolithic construction at favourable prices and delivery by means of our own vehicles.
High-quality products
AST Group is an established and reliable partner offering products complying with all GOST requirements and European quality standards. Our metal structures are favoured by hundreds of major companies all over Russia that use them on a regular basis. Another significant advantage is that we also produce custom metal structures.
Individual approach to each client
We offer both mass and custom production of metal constructions. Individual approach to each client ensures timely service delivery with regard to clients’ requirements and preferences. Upon the order delivery, clients see for themselves how competent and professional our specialists are.
Trust relationships with partners
Due to the ability to find compromise solutions and the priority of universal human values, ‘AST Group’ company has established trust-based relations with its partners. Nowadays production of metal construction is a popular business in Russia. The market is very active and full of participants. Even with such competition, ‘AST Group’ stands on its own feet due to our team of professionals united by a common idea. Our success and achievements bring us confidence and enduring relationships with strong partners.
Caring for the comfort of customers
Our clients’ comfort is our priority in decision-making. Our staff members are always ready to consult you on the product characteristics and provide information about all stages of metal structure production and peculiarities of the materials used. With such knowledgeable assistance, you can choose and buy metal structures that meet your requirements easily. Products made by ‘Karkas’ plant will satisfy even the most demanding clients.
Feedback on our work
The first time ‘Nix’ construction company worked with ‘AST Group’ was in June, 2011, when we bought reinforced mesh. ‘AST Group’ company found a flexible solution and offered us transaction terms that satisfied both us and our contractors. We would like to emphasize the decency of the company’s executive and high working standards, the ability to ensure convenient collaboration and to solve issues of various difficulty. ‘SK Nix’ construction company is grateful for effective cooperation between our companies. ‘AST Group’ company has proved to be a reliable and responsible partner”.

Serskov N.V.

“SK ‘Nix’” CEO

The ‘Eurasian construction company’ management would like to express gratitude for quality and timely delivery of construction materials to the larges facilities of our holding company. «AST Group» has proved to be a reliable supplier able to fully implement projects right on time. Products made by ‘AST’ are of high quality, which has been proved by all necessary tests and certificates.

Kazak V.O.

‘Eurasian construction company’
director for logistics and procurement director

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